Business is booming- Castle Cupcakes

Posted on May 18, 2011


And by business I mean donating all my cupcakes for free. Yes. For free.

Every year since the moment I can remember the Catholic church in my town, Our Lady of Peace, has entertained a carnival in the third week of May. My dad has friends that work the kitchen so over the years he became part of the volunteer staff. This year, since my outburst of sometimes unwanted but always needed baking, my dad had the bright idea of selling my cupcakes at the fair. He made a few phone calls and what do you know? I’m now selling Castle Cupcakes at the OLP fair. It runs Wednesday the 18th until Saturday the 21st. That means anywhere from 50 to 150 cupcakes a day. From scratch. Fresh. But hey, I’m capable and I love it. I have flyers with this website/blog on it and a poster shouting the cause. Cupcakes from $.50- $1.00 customer’s choice because it’s all donation anyway. I have a lot riding on the first bites of these cupcakes. It could change my whole future. I may go from art major to cupcakery owner. You never know. What’s on the menu you ask? I was wondering what took you so long.

4 cupcakes everyday

– Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (Martha Stewart)
-Cookie Dough Cupcakes (minus filling)
-Berry Summer Cupcakes (my recipe)
-Half and Half Cupcakes; half chocolate, half vanilla (Based on black and white cookie)

I will be baking all four of these varieties fresh, daily. Wish me luck xx.

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