Tacos, tacos, tacos

Posted on March 19, 2011


Tacos! I love tacos. All kind of tacos; except fish tacos actually; they’re odd. Anyway- I saw the cover of an old Woman’s Journal yesterday while I was eating at my grandma’s house and it looked delicious. They were soft, chicken tacos falling from the sky! With guac, cheese and sour cream. Mmm, perfection! So of course, from last night on- all I could think about was tacos. I convinced my parents to give me money for the ingredients and I ran out to Stop & Shop. I got the ingredients for basic tacos- meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa, lettuce and guacamole. Tacos are a fairly easy and personally satisfying dinner. Being able to decide how much of what you want to envelope into your taco shell is always a tasty adventure. I’m just gonna give you the basic guidelines and a great guacamole recipe I made up today, not very different from the norm, but really fresh & amazing.


I decided I would use three meats for my tacos.
I bought 1 pkg. chicken tenders, two rib-eyes and a 1.5 lb ground beef.

I sliced the tenders into thin pieces, to achieve fall apart-quick cooking chicken. I used a bit of fajita sauce to coat the chicken as well as a sprinkling of salt. I only put salt and pepper on the steaks, then thinly sliced and halved after they came off the grill and rested. I bought a packet of taco seasoning for the ground beef, a taco must have. While cooking all the meats, I managed to throw together a really good guac mix. I googled guacamole recipes and all of them have extra ingredients like onions and tomatoes, which I’m sure tastes good, but I think it takes away from the avocado.

2 whole avocados
1/2 lime
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
lime zest

When I’m making something from scratch I don’t normally measure anything. I cut open the avocados, took out the pits and scooped the flesh into a bowl. I mashed it with a fork, until it was pretty evenly mashed with only a few chunks here and there. I cut the lime in half and squeezed as much juice as possible by hand into the avocado. Then I eyeballed salt and pepper to taste. I felt like it needed a little more, so I got my zest shredder and put maybe 1/2 teaspoon in, not too much. This guacamole was really refreshing and definitely changed my tacos- for the better!

I had three tacos myself. I had two soft and one hard. I just warmed the soft tacos in a pan for about 5-10 seconds on each side before I used them. My first taco I did guacamole, chicken, shredded cheese, sour cream. My next taco I did sour cream, ground beef, cheese guacamole, shredded salad. And my third I did guacamole, sour cream, steak/ground beef, cheese, then salsa. They were amazing.

Since I was in the Mexican fiesta mood I decided to make Margaritas with the meal! My neighbor has the best recipe. They’re easy to make and strong, but so delicious you can’t even tell!

Margaritas (Use frozen mix cardboard can as measuring utensil):
2 cans 7 up
1 beer
1 can limeade frozen mix
1 can Jose Cuervo Gold tequila

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